Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Recently while in Haiti, God blessed me once again with a special encounter of a sister with a same like spirit.  Many times when God does this in Haiti it ends up leading me in a path that furthers the work.  It's always amazing and always right on time.  This encounter was no different in the way of it being right on time.  Her spirit was so refreshing and so joyful, "O what a cold drink of water on a hot long journey."  We exchanged more than busisness cards that day.  We both had teams waiting on us to leave, so quickly I grabbed her hands and ask if she would care if I prayed for her and of course she was happy to join me in prayer.  As soon as I took her hands and began to pray I felt the pressence of the Lord come even stronger.  Then as I finished praying for her, she began to pray for me and once again the Holy Spirit flooded my soul.  Thank you Jesus for always being with us. 
You may ask why are you sharing this with us... Well I am glad you asked!
There are a couple of reasons, one is to remind us that where you are at right now may feel like you've been on a long hot journey and you feel a little overwhelmed.  Find someone who you feel is a spiritual brother or sister in Christ and pray through with them. "Pray Through this means to pray till you get through to the throne room.  Not till you get through praying..." Remember the Word of God tells us where there is two or more gathered in His Name, that He would be there too.
Another reason for sharing this encounter with you was something this sister had written on her busisness card.  " EMPOWERED TO LIVE... EMPOWERED TO GIVE..."  What a statement I loved it and it was such a wow moment for me.  You see we say we believe Jesus is coming soon but our actions... our giving... say different! 
It will take being empowered by the Holy Spirit to live in these last days, and it will take being empowered by the Holy Spirit to have the strength to give during these last days.  You see satan has convinced so many that a little dab will do you.  NO... this is so not true...... God not only desires our whole heart but He demands it.  So please as we start this New Year off, knowing there is a strong chance that we could be living our last days here on this earth.
 O Jesus how you so deserve our everything.  EMPOWER US TO LIVE IN 2012 FOR YOU... EMPOWER US TO GIVE IN 2012 FOR YOU...  THIS MEANS MORE THAN JUST MONEY, IT MEANS GIVE OUR TIME... GIVE OUR HEARTS... GIVE OUR EVERYTHING... And if we keep our heart guarded and always looking unto Jesus we will be EMPOWERED TO LIVE AND GIVE! 
Proverbs 5: 23  Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.
O Precious Jesus Please keep our hearts turned towards you.  Father I pray today for each person that visits this site today to be empowered by you let your heart be what they seek after more than anything else!  In Jesus Name I pray.... AMEN