Saturday, May 14, 2011


Greetings to all whom God has divinely guided to our web site in order to receive a thought we believe the Lord has given today.  So through the power of the Holy Spirit we pray you will be challenged to live a more Holy & Separated life for Christ.  One that is characterized by Boldness & a Sense of Urgency like you've never known!

There is a CAUSE,
There is a PURPOSE,
There is a TIME & SEASON
for all things!

                                 The Cause is CHRIST...     Who Bore our Sins on the Cross!
The Purpose is to tell the whole WORLD...    Who Christ lived, died and rose from the dead for!
The Time & Season is NOW...   Time to lay everything aside & help prepare as many hearts as we can for the COMING OF OUR LORD!

PLEASE... don't say AMEN to this until you truly think about it.

Do you really believe that the CAUSE...

Is really worth standing alone for?
Is it really worth saying NO, no matter how many are saying yes?
Is it really worth fighting for?
Is it really worth voting for God's ways instead of voting for a certain party, regardless of their stand?
Is it really worth being persecuted for?
Is it really worth holding your tongue because you know that a soft answer turneth away wrath?
Is it really worth saying I forgive when you have been done so wrong?

Do you really believe that the PURPOSE...

Is to tell the world, not just Haiti or a foreign country, but your neighbor as well?
Is sharing Jesus with everyone you meet?
Is to let everyone know that time to prepare for Judgement Day is almost over?
Is to show everyone the Peace that Jesus provides?
Is to let everyone know that Jesus is the Answer to every question in life?
Is to Love, Worship & Fellowship with the Lord in every way you can?

Do you really believe that the time is NOW???

Do you really believe in your heart that Jesus could come back today?
Do you maybe feel sure that He will come back soon, but you've heard it so long that you no longer see soon... as being SOON?
Do you make plans for next week & even next year without a thought of real anticipation of the Lord Returning?
Do you say good bye to your family & friends, thinking this may be the last chance you will get to challenge them about their souls; before Jesus comes back?
Do you know what it is to carry a desperate burden for the Lost, because the time here on earth is nearly over?

Now feel free to say AMEN... or OH ME...!

OOPPS... hold up, one more thing remember God already knows the answers to these questions in your life!
OK, NOW is it AMEN... or OH ME...?

Whatever your comment is, I pray that we would go back to the message Jesus left with us in the Sermon on the Mount.  (In the book of Matthew, Chapters 5,6 & 7.)

Search My Heart O God!  Lord show me how to develop your attitudes.


With these attitudes in our lives daily for all to see, the world will see there is a cause through your spirit controlled life.  Because only this powerful Jesus living in you could make you so different!  You will fulfill your purpose of telling everyone you can of Jesus' salvation plan.  Also with you having these attitudes in your life, you will make your fellowship with God constant, making your spiritual senses keen causing you to quickly recognize the signs of the times.